I finally talked myself into writing a blog. This is it. Its my view of things and a bit about me personally.

I have lived in southern California most of my life. My path to where I sit today has actually taken me across the country due to my father’s job relocations as he climbed the corporate ladder. I was born in Queens, NYC but I spent nearly all of my youth on the Jersey Shore and in suburban Chicago.

My career has mostly been in various financial roles for corporations large and small. I have been a business consultant, a corporate finance director and a CFO.

My consulting clients have been mostly in the tech industries (software, mobile and web-media), but not all. Among the others: a mushroom farming operation near Napa, a beef distribution outfit in East LA, a chemical-plating company, also in East LA, an electronics store chain based in the OC, and my favorite – a high-end resort developer located on the Big Island of Hawaii. Naturally, I had to spend some time there. Well, someone had to…

I also worked for a year in Saudi Arabia and 6 weeks in Romania. My year in Saudi also allowed me to vacation in Nice, Rome and Zurich as I traveled to/from the US.

I have seen and done a variety to things in my work career. Sometimes I took a less traveled path, but I have been lucky to have done so. Cheers.

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