Social Media shifting trends

I recently read that younger users of social media sites have been looking for alternatives to the mainstream sites such as Facebook, partly because it has become accessible and used by everyone and anyone – including parents. Hence, the ability to post and communicate with friends exclusively means finding other venues not yet discovered by parents.

In the quest for more privacy, other social sites are getting more traffic. Here are some of the sites mentioned:

For More Privacy –

These Micro Blogging tools are seeing a pick up in use:

— Tumblr
— Pheed
— Twitter (direct messaging is private)
— Path (limited to 150 friends and private)\

Image Sharing:

— Instagram
— Snapchat (clips are not saved and limited to one view per recipient)

Messaging Services

— In US
> kik
> whatsApp
— weChat (China)
— KaKoaTalk (Korea)
— Linc (Mideast and Asia)

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