Kobe’s Work Ethic

Basketball fans know about the competitive fire that burns inside Kobe Bryant. Those who have written about him say his model is Michael Jordan, and Kobe’s burning desire is to be considered as good if not better than Mike.

Kobe is, no doubt, a great player and will go into the history books as one of the best to have played the game. Love him or hate him, that’s undeniable.

As a Laker fan, I have been watching Kobe since he entered the NBA as a 17 year old high school kid. I root for him and I celebrate his elite skills. Without him, the Lakers never would have seen any of the 5 championship rings during his career.

I read an article in which a reporter commented on Kobe’s extreme work ethic and that it has helped him squeeze out every ounce of talent from his body. Some interesting comments about his work ethic include these observations made by the reporter. They highlight the competitive fire that drives this guy:

[1] Lost 16 lbs. for the 2012 Olympics in order to preserve his knees by becoming lighter. Kobe felt that he needed to drop the weight to reduce pressure on his knees and this was extra important in 2012 because he would not have any break after the season ended. Since the Olympics were being played during the summer, he would have to immediately gear up for fall NBA practice and the season.

[2] Workouts often started at 5 am; and 4 hours was typical; including post game one-on-one’s with guys on the team.

[3] Game day workouts, including suicide push-ups for example.

[4] Very strict diet. No sugar or pizza (a favorite). Lean meats only. And he continually self accesses where he stands versus his goals.

[5] Shoots and counts 400 baskets made per day before he stops counting

And the list goes on. Kobe is always ‘on’. No wonder he feels he can come back at full speed, and ahead of schedule, from his Achilles injury. I don’t doubt it.

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